Clients: Q & A Who is Finderseekers, and what do we do?

Q. What does a professional recruiter do?

A. The legwork. FinderSeekers® relieves overworked staffing departments and hiring managers by doing a lot of the screening up front. In fact, if you are looking for dozens of resumes for one opening, your time would be better spent elsewhere. FinderSeekers has years of experience in selecting the best candidate for the job, often finding people who might not otherwise be looking for a new career opportunity. The best candidates for your position usually are not the ones responding to advertising. We routinely fill positions that demand special talents or experiences. Further, we advise you on the candidates’ thoughts and needs, and work with you to close the candidate on your offer. At your request, we can perform thorough reference checking.

Q. Are there regional limitations to your searches?

A. FinderSeekers successfully fills positions anywhere in the United States.

Q. Who do you work for?

A. Typically we work with start up’s, small to midsize companies and fortune 200 companies. Our clients are the top consumer products companies in food, beverage, drug and beauty care manufacturing. We also have successfully filled positions in the wholesale/distribution and broker communities, as well as retail.

Q. Do you specialize?

A. Yes. We specialize in finding uniquely qualified candidates with experience in strategic customer partnerships. Sales and marketing positions in CPG across all retail channels  are our strengths. We do a lot of work in Private Label, and also Foodservice sales and marketing.

Q. How do you work?

A. Your relationship with FinderSeekers will be surprisingly uncomplicated. In fact, we work hard at keeping it light. From our first communication, be it by phone, or email,  you’ll find that we are as anxious to get down to business as you are. Yet we are known for our friendly, approachable manner. We’re good at what we do. We really enjoy what we do. And it shows.

First…we get to know you. Very well. It is to your benefit that we thoroughly understand your job requirements, your corporate culture, where this position fits in the big picture, and what the future can be at your company for the successful candidate.

FinderSeekers is a contingency search firm, though you will find from the start that we behave just like some of the best retained firms in the country. With one important difference — speed.

You can reasonably expect us to provide fresh, qualified, screened candidate resumes within 5 to 10 business days. Or know the reason why not. We will be in constant touch with you throughout our search.

Next….you will select the candidates you would like to interview. We will assist in scheduling, coordination of travel plans, and ensuring that the candidates are fully prepared to meet with you and your company.

Finally…the post interview. Here, we play a vital role in making sure that you and the candidate understand what the results were, where the candidate is focusing his or her thoughts, and managing expectations with an understanding of what the next steps and timing will be. FinderSeekers is proud of an exceptionally high closing rate. Our candidates are motivated to come and work for your company.

Q. Why are you so good?

A. Three reasons stand out. First, we are experienced in the industry. Each thoroughly understands what makes a candidate really perform. Second, we are selective. We would rather focus our expertise on a handful of good long-term clients than try to do it all and be everything to a shallow mix. Third, we have the uncanny ability to read between the lines. We dig to be sure that a “yes” means yes and a “no” means no. There are no gray areas at FinderSeekers.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. Our fee is a flat percentage, based on the candidate’s first year base salary. This is in keeping with our strong belief in keeping things simple. We do not base our fees on bonus, commissions, sign-on incentives or other compensation you may offer the candidate. This uncomplicated structure makes it easier for our clients to budget and control their recruitment costs. Even our phone is toll-free!

Q. How are we protected from you “stealing” our people?

A. You have our word on it. While the industry varies somewhat on this point, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Indeed, although impeccable ethics is our unwritten policy, we provide a promise in writing. At FinderSeekers we respect the client relationship by not recruiting from the client company for one year from the date of the most recently-completed assignment.